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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

For this assignment, we had to create an AR experience using Image targets.

I've subscribed to the the NewYorkTimes earlier this year, and kept the subscription for a while because the content was actually decent, until that infamous op-ed incident 😬.

I didn't really use any image targets for the sketch below, but this is my attempt of drawing a stickman on blendar and export it as a 3D character. Then I imported my stickman to Unity and the rest is history.

I'll now try to use a picture of the page as an image target and re-export the sketch using Vuforia.

After a lot of hair pulling, I've finally figured out and solved the many issues I've faced while building the sketch below!!

Growing up, I used to constantly watch Al Jazeera channel with my father. Until it broke our hearts in 2011/2012. Now I've decided to channel my hatred for this network everywhere I go due to the fact that it publishes biased news (and ruined so many great memories). I even wrote my undergrad thesis on how Al Jazeera has different versions of each article for each language.

However, one point goes out for them for being one of the first ones to publish that Eyad Hallaq's story. To summarize, Eyad was killed the same way as George Floyd, a day later.

God bless:

This man 🙏🏼 and This man 🙏🏼

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