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Aero + My Macbook = Restart!

I'm a millionaire in the sims, but sadly not in real life #motherlode.

The What?

The Why?

For this assignment, we have to recreate a memory and augment it!

I remember how I used to rush through my homework just to have more time to play the sims before my bedtime. Playing the sims used to bring me so much joy and served as a distraction from hard times. I remember I used to play for hours and hours thinking I was on for just a few minutes.

The How?

I used Adobe Aero to gather my assets together and bring life to this AR piece. For the assets, I used 4 characters from Aero, got the TV and the couch from here. Then I scanned myself using itseez3D iPad scanner on the floor, and made "me" sit on Mixamo.


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