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Written by Maya & Dina Khalil

A short movie about a character who realizes she only exists in a video game, and starts to plot her escape.

To get into more details...

Screen fades in and we see a mysterious character from the back sitting on a couch. Over their shoulder, we clearly see that they are playing a video game (called Essential Workers).

On their TV, we see three different characters moving around in a 2D world allowing them to only move sideways.

The camera dollies into the TV screen and We see the three characters trying to survive the current level when one of them suddenly starts getting Deja vu. She goes on with her mission alongside her friends while keeping that thought at the back of her mind.

The sense of familiarity eventually becomes too strong to ignore and she tries convincing her partners that something feels weird. They, suddenly look around and find their world already disappearing before their eyes and they quickly realize the abnormality of it all. The trio immediately try breaking free from their invisible restrains



Make Human Mixamo iClone 7 Adobe Fuse Adobe Premiere/ AfterEffects


Setup & Scene & Avatars

"Are we living in a computer simulation? I don’t know. Probably.” -By Sean Illing.

I was inspired by the readings that discusses avatars and simulation. they truly convinced me that we are indeed living in a simulation, which made me question everything around me.

A quote I kept thinking about for days;

“I think there’s a very good chance we are, in fact, living in a simulation, though we can’t say that with 100 percent confidence. But there is plenty of evidence that points in that direction.” -Rizwan Virk
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