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Arabizing in Depth

After struggling to understand what the assignment was about, I finally decided to email Luisa and her reply was very useful. I went on YouTube to find some simple Arabic instruments and used Ableton to cut the pieces I want and exported them as separate .wav files. Also, Maya, my sister decided to compose a darbuka piece on garage band that played perfectly with many songs. I found that the ‘Riqq’ sound works well with many songs at a tempo of 95 bps. As for the darbuka I found on YouTube, changing the tempo to 184 bps played well with mostly dance/electronic songs. But then again, every user is more than welcome to adjust the tempo to their likings.

Then on Ableton, I layered the pieces above with different songs and played a little with the tempo, loop and the intensity. Some songs sounded good, others sounded awful!

Nonetheless, this project is made by someone whose never made music in their life. Therefore, I wanted to create more of a fun experience for the user and to introduce some underrated instruments that sound beautiful.

Enjoy/Suffer 😊

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