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Audrey Hepburn-ed Out!

This week's assignment was very tricky. However, I managed to fix an issue I had with setting up the VPN with Todd during office hours.

Assignment for this week was:

I followed Todd's demo, and everything went smoothly, until I've reached near the end where I realized that I need to map my character's skin to herself before proceeding with the process.

One thing I found interesting was when I exported my character from Mixamo without skin, like in Todd's demo, she was un-selectable, basically a white nothing. But, with skin, she's still a white figure, but with bones and is selectable.

For this assignment, I've decided to create Audrey Hepburn, and animate her using face tracking so "she" can guide us with how to do face exercises. Then upload it as a filter on Instagram without facing any copyrights issues or enter an ethical dilemma.

Now the question is, Audrey is basically a human shaped white glob! How on earth do I apply her skin on her?


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