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Class 3, The assignment!!!

For this assignment I had to come up with a simple application using digital or analog input and digital output. At first, I thought of following some online tutorials because I wanted to create a piano-like sound using buttons, Arduino and a speaker (burrowed it from David), and to adjust the sound using the potentiometer. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it because I lack some knowledge to do such thing. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with the components in my kit, or if there's something I have to adjust for them to work properly. Whenever I monitor the potentiometer's activity, the numbers go crazy without me even touching it and the LED is forever dim.

The picture above, shows how many potentiometer I've tried in order to dim/brighten my LED.

The next morning, I went to Tinkersphere to buy a new potentiometer, and I was still facing the same issue. I even changed the wires and everything and I couldn't see any change whatsoever.

Coding of the Arduino
Codes I've used to control the brightness of the LED

I was running out of time and wasn't able to go to any of the office hours. Even with the help of other students, no one could figure out why the numbers were going crazy. So I thought to myself since I have limited time, I'll just use my friend's kit.

For the actual assignment: I painted a box black, and made some holes on top, so that I can place the whole breadboard inside it and the light from LED appears from the holes, and of course you can control the voltage that goes to the LED through the potentiometer.

Process shown in the pictures below

black box with tiny holes on top

Breadboard with all the wires

a whole in a black box to control the potentiometer that's inside
To control the potentiometer while the breadboard is inside

End results

Box with holes that has a LED inside it
Potentiometer set to the highest level

Box with holes that has a LED inside it
Potentiometer set to the lowest level


Schematics of my project

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