• DinaKhalil

Double Date | Video Sculpture

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

A collaboration between: Yiting Liu, Dina Khalil, Patrick Warren, and Hyunseo Lee.

The What:

Full Experience:

Closer look at the Videos:

The How:

Idea 💡

An interactive video installation about the interference of smartphones on dates.

I've shot, directed, starred and edited the scenery on Adobe AfterEffects along with Patrick Warren Tools: Arduino, Sprite, Projector, Laser-Cutter, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator Skills: Projection, Experience and Interaction Design Time: Jan. 2020

The Why:

Instant gratification from phones seems to be more tempting than being present in face-to-face conversations. With constant access to the world in our pockets, where should we direct our attention while trying to be present in the moment?

Research (Done by Yiting Liu)

Most of us are guilty of being distracted by our phones during face-to-face conversations. Yet it seems to be embedded in our culture. Even when we are not using our phones, we are being distracted. (link)

We want to point out the digital culture of the phone in the form of an interactive video sculpture (physically, as shown in the video) to make people more aware of their relationships with loved ones and their phones.