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F/R (ace)

Initially, I wanted to build on what I’ve done with the heart sensor and Ableton. Since I couldn’t borrow it or even buy it for obvious reasons, I thought I’d let technology teach me one more thing about myself. While browsing the internet, I noticed a lot of people sharing their pictures using an app called ‘Gradient: DNA ancestry AI test’. The idea of the app is to basically guess your race from your face!

Since I came here last August, people would always assume I’m a Latina. The amount of people who ask me for directions in Spanish is crazy! However, I asked some people on the floor where they thought I’m from and most of them didn’t know the answer to that. Maybe it’s because the first thing I say to anyone when I’m introducing myself is that I’m Egyptian and so, they don’t really have the chance to think about it.

I gave the app a try to see how technology perceives me. I guess I do look like a Latina. I’m very flattered. I’ve always been fascinated by the culture long ago, before moving here and realizing that I look like I'm one of them. I also tried many pictures and you can see the results below. Results vary, but the fact that I look like a Latina is consistent with all the pictures.

Picture of an estimate of my ethnicity, where it shows that I'm 48% Turkish, 46% Spanish, 5% Mexican, 1% British.

It’s safe to say that I’m blessed with a racially ambiguous face, but not in here obviously. In other countries people spend quite some time thinking about where I'm from. But, I’m forever and always proud of being an Arab and an Egyptian.

Hope everyone is safe, take good care of yourselves and call your families!


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