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Generative Audio & Using Unreal Engine ‘Sound Cues’

Week 6 was all about Introduction to Blueprints & Using Headsets on unreal engine, which I’ve never heard of it before this class. As for the sound, we had to play and create short sound clips using VCV Rack, which again, I’ve never heard of it before this class. Also, we had to play with Sound Cue nodes on Unreal engine and precisely use Mixer, Random, Delay, Attenuation, Concatenator, Doppler, Modulator, and Looping.

I created a third person character on a Side Scroller template and added each sound clip I made on a different block so that they play once the character jumps on each block.

I followed the instructions and added all the mentioned cues in this order:

  1. Mixer

  2. Random

  3. Delay

  4. Attenuation

  5. Doppler

  6. Modulator

  7. Looping

  8. Concatenator

I used QuickTime player to screen record the whole thing, since I couldn’t embed it anywhere for the user to try it out, so without further ado, here’s the video,

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