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ICM | #1

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A list of my interests would go on and on to fill maybe a book or two. And most, if not all, the items on my list relate to the usage of computers. I’m very interested in learning how to code mainly because it would allow me to create interactive projects, which I love deeply. Later on, I’m planning to combine computation with some of my favorite historical events in one project.

Process of Creating my Own Sketch was like a bumpy road-trip to Disney land! I was facing a lot of difficulties trying to figure out how to move 'quads', 'lines', and 'triangles' without changing their shapes, but eventually after tweaking the numbers I figured it out. However, I still can’t figure out how to resize the shapes, and reflect them both horizontally and vertically.

My relationship with the web editor has evolved after checking the ‘Auto-refresh’ box because I can see everything instantly without having to press the play button each time I make changes.

A picture of codes of p5.js
The birth of my alien dancing parrot


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