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ICM | #7

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

For this assignment, we had to work in pairs. Our instructor, Mimi, decided to make us do a dance across the room and partner up with the person in front of us, and that’s how Pippa became my partner.

First, Pippa suggested to create some kind of optical illusion, which I thought was a great idea! Then we had to work with colors on a picture or a video and manipulate it at a pixel level.


Our sketch consists of four sections and each section should be summarized into 2-3 words.

First section is the zigzag lines

1. Oppression

2. Imprisoned

Second, is the camera

3. Narcism

4. Connection

5. reflection

Third section is the dots

6. Glamorous

7. Materialistic

And last but not least, the colors:

8. Vibrant

9. Emotional conflict



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