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Injections are Cool, kids!

Kids’ biggest fear is getting injected, or at least that was (and still is) mine. That is because injections are always associated with pain, crying and blood even though it carries a cure, in most cases. So, I thought to myself why not make it fun! Why not associate it with something else that’s interesting and welcoming to maybe ease children’s interaction with it.

My idea is to "inject" boxes with music using an injection. That way kids can maybe see injections in a different and a positive way.

The way I see it, is that the box would have a hole, which has a button at the end of it, and this button can only be pressed by injecting the box. Once the button is pressed, music would come out of the box giving the illusion that injections caused that to happen. The injection in this case would be acrylic and the “needle” can be made using some material that's similar to the pool noodles foam.

Once the box gets injected, not only will it play music, but will project cute dancing cartoony characters on the walls that kids can dance along with.

The box would look similar to the ones in the picture below.


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