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Interactive Film: Anomalous!

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

The What?

The Why?

An interactive short film about the importance of backing up your files.

The characters represent a virus that deletes your work and messes your computer up.

Much like the characters, as human beings we also are a virus that was installed into this world. This relates to the pandemic because it’s like the world locked the virus away to heal itself from how much we pollute and deplete and degrade it's quality .

The How?

I’ve used Make human to create one of my characters, then exported 2 characters from Mixamo, where I also exported precompiled animations to match the scenes.

For post production, I used Adobe AfterEffects and Premiere to add some final touches. Finally for the interactivity, I used EkoDev.

Disclaimer: The characters' uniforms don't mean anything in this context.


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