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Melody + Ableton - Arduinos

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

After last class, and my appointment with Luísa, I’ve finally decided to keep working using Ableton. That is because, and as Luísa suggested, I need to focus on working with music and give my visual side a break.

In this assignment, we have to “implement two interactive studies focusing on melodic elements.” I tried to add some effects and tweak the Arabic beats a little bit as shown in the video below. (p.s. I included t-pain’s song for you, Luisa =)

However, it seemed like I was basically doing the same thing I did last assignment. I wanted to dig deeper and make sense of what I was doing. Therefore, I googled some tutorials to help me use some effects.

After watching the tutorial linked above, I applied some effects on a couple of more songs. I think they sound better. I will focus on tweaking the Arabic instruments beats to make them match more songs, in order for the user to easily match the beat to their favorite songs. Also, in this assignment, I focused more on getting around Ableton and try some effects and tweak them without using an Arduino because of two reasons. One, I was still worried that my precious Arduino would blow up in my face even though I now know it's impossible, but I'm worried it would stop working and I need it for other assignments this week. The other reason is because I feel like connecting the Arduino with Ableton is limiting my ability to further explore Ableton.


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