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MIxD Final Updates

After watching so many tutorials, annoying some friends and multiple zoom meetings with the coding lab. I’ve finally found, (actually Cezar from the coding lab), the solution!

All I had to do to get my p5 sketch to play audio was to add control buttons. That is because and according to Cezar, some browsers need some kind of a command or permission to properly play the sketch.

Now that I got that figured out, I need to redesign the website, and I will try to add the fezs to be the controls on the sketch. Also, let people add some songs to my sad looking playlist. As for the video, I will get that done this week with the help of my sister who just finished her finals and has no more excuses to help me out!

To-do list to the finals:

  • 1-redsesign the website

  • 2-add songs to the playlist

  • 3-shoot the video

  • 4-try to add the fezs as controllers on the p5 sketch.

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