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My MacBook, My iPhone and I

After trying the heartbeat sensor with Ableton last week, I realized that it didn’t really teach me anything about myself. I thought it would be cool to just use Ableton to highlight my heartbeats. However, for this week, I want to see myself through the eyes of my devices, so I’ve decided to compare my usage of my most precious devices using the ‘screen time’ feature.

I use my laptop and smartphone every single day, but I’ve always assumed that I use my phone way more than my MacBook. But, boy was I wrong! Turns out, I actually use my MacBook way more often than I do my phone.

I was surprised to find that out because, I don’t usually take my MacBook to school and my phone would always be with me 24/7.

As you can see from the data shown above, I always try to take Saturdays off. Somehow I've succeeded this week despite the fact that I'm taking SEVEN CLASSES this semester (upper left pic.).

On Tuesday (upper right pic.), it shows that I used my laptop for entertainment for 7 hours and 12 minutes. I remember I watched so many tutorials on YouTube that day. I guess YouTube is under entertainment since I haven’t had the time to be “entertained” in any way after I joined ITP.

I wanted to show an entire week, but the data are pretty much the same everyday. I always try to free my eyes from any screens on weekends and actually explore the beauty of NYC.


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