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New phone, who dis?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

This week, we purchased numbers on Twilio and used them to send messages on a messaging app called signal. I installed the signal-cli command-line to start texting my personal number with my virtual number on signal.

Since I’ll be texting using a different number, obviously, I felt the need to try it out and abuse my sister. On Tuesday, I put my phone next to her and “went to grab something”, when in fact I went on my laptop to start texting myself. Knowing my sister, she’ll take a peek to see who is texting me. I made it seem like a stalker was out there to get me, but she started to really freak out when I mentioned personal stuff about her. Eventually, she found out that I “get” a text every time I grab something from another room.

When trying it out, I noticed I can use all special characters except for the exclamation mark. Also, I couldn't receive texts from signal.

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