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Nostalgia | Sound Design

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

A stereo sound design sketch

I suggest you listen to the sound clip before reading the rest for you to decipher what happened. A couple of audience members thought it was totally different than what I had intended which was very interesting to hear.

The What:

The How:

Immersive Listening: Designing Sound for VR

I've shot, directed, starred and edited the scenery on Adobe AfterEffects along with Patrick Warren

Tools: IPhone recorder, and Reaper.

Skills: Sound Design

Time: October. 2019

The Why:

Description: I walk towards my apartment and I can briefly hear a song in the background before opening the door. The music gets louder as I open the door. I find my sister sitting on the couch listening to my mom’s favorite song, so I take off my shoe, sit next to her and open our “memories drawer” to take out a family photo album. As we flip the pages, you can hear both of us laughing at some happy moments.

Original sound files:

  1. Me walking to the apartment.

  2. Throwing the keys.

  3. Flipping through the pages and laughing.

Sound files from

  1. Sitting down.

  2. Sound of the drawer opening.

  3. Taking off shoes.

Song in the background:

  • Om Kolathoum, Alf Leila w Leila

Note: I had to convert the format of the sound clip to be added in here from .wav to .mp3

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