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Nostalgia | Sound Design

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

A stereo sound design sketch

I suggest you listen to the sound clip before reading the rest for you to decipher what happened. A couple of audience members thought it was totally different than what I had intended which was very interesting to hear.

The What:

The How:

Immersive Listening: Designing Sound for VR

I've shot, directed, starred and edited the scenery on Adobe AfterEffects along with Patrick Warren

Tools: IPhone recorder, and Reaper.

Skills: Sound Design

Time: October. 2019

The Why:

Description: I walk towards my apartment and I can briefly hear a song in the background before opening the door. The music gets louder as I open the door. I find my sister sitting on the couch listening to my mom’s favorite song, so I take off my shoe, sit next to her and open our “memories drawer” to take out a family photo album. As we flip the pages, you can hear both of us laughing at some happy moments.

Original sound files:

  1. Me walking to the apartment.

  2. Throwing the keys.

  3. Flipping through the pages and laughing.

Sound files from freesound.org:

  1. Sitting down.

  2. Sound of the drawer opening.

  3. Taking off shoes.

Song in the background:

  • Om Kolathoum, Alf Leila w Leila

Note: I had to convert the format of the sound clip to be added in here from .wav to .mp3