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Oh, Niya 😔

Yiting, my partner, and I were inspired by a video she’d shown me and decided to do something similar. We also thought it would be cool to use fuse so we can create a 3D character. I like using fuse, but exporting the file was very complicated since we had to convert it to god knows what so it can be opened on aftereffects. After so many failures, I decided to meet our professor Marianne, to find a way to open a fuse animated file on aftereffects. Turns out we can animate a fuse character on photoshop.

After animating Niya of photoshop, I exported the file as a video and imported it on aftereffects. Yiting chose and created the setup of the rooms, the backgrounds and some of the props. I’m responsible for animating Niya on photoshop and share the videos with yiting to create some scenes.

The story is supposed to be a combination of fiction and drama, but no one could hold their laugh while presenting it in class. We all laughed so hard; it was a blast! But got some very helpful feedback at the end.

Here’s the video before getting any feedback:

My favorite part is when she faints 😂

Yiting and I divided the work between us, and at the end we will make the final edits using premiere together.

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