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P. Comp. Final Final Idea

For the final project and after 27284718947884736187364813763876283748273644 ideas, I decided to create a funny/weird x-ray experience. The minute David said the idea was cool I felt like


Thanks to my sister, and Julie for showing me this video.

x-ray screening of a man

x-ray screening of a woman

The What?

Basically, I will use a screen so when you stand behind it “your” skeleton appears on the screen with random things inside giving the effect that you’ve eaten the weirdest things. 

Inedible objects to be specific. One of these random things that will appear on the screen can be a textbook, lost keys from 9th grade or maybe an old Arduino. I’m very grateful I got to see David Rios today because he suggested some cool additions. David suggested to add some buttons for the user to kind of choose their “food preference” and link them to P. Comp. and ICM. I think I can also connect them to existing dietary choices. The user can click on the vegan button and the screen would show they have “eaten” rotten seaweed. Or maybe meat eaters, would find roaches or a whole cow. There will be different pictures within each choice.

The How?

Using a screen is a must in this project because the whole idea revolves around it.

After talking with David, he suggested that a Kinect would work by getting the user’s motion from behind the screen, but ml5 would better capture the movement. I expressed my fears of using ml5 because I’m already struggling with p5, and so a backup idea was born!

Plan B:

IF, and only if, ml5 was making me pull my hair, then I will turn the idea from a fun x-ray experience to a two-player carnival-kind of game. Where one would stand behind the screen and “their skeleton” will show and the other person would be in front of the screen trying the adjust a potentiometer to match the position of the skeleton to the person behind the screen. David pointed out that this may be a bit boring to the person behind the screen, so he suggested to place the screen on a podium so they would be able to reach and look at the screen as well.

The Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is for me to learn about the different usage of screens and work with serial communication, which I think is so cool. Also, the installation’s purpose for the people is to take funny/weird looking pictures.


Screen = $79.

Kinect (maybe) = $45

Ultrasonic sensor = $10, but already have them

Or, PIR sensor = $10 (5 pieces)

An Arduino camera? (still have to ask) = $26


11/1 – 11/8 = come up with an idea! | class 9

11/9 – 11/15 = Prototype for playtesting | class 10

11/16 – 11/22 = start building up the setup + decide on the body tracking method. | class 11

11/23 – 11/29 = finish building up the setup + start finalizing the body tracking. | class 12

30/11 – 12/6 = seriously finish up anything that’s not finished yet + start trying it out | class 13

12/7 – 12/13 = PRESENTATIONSSS!!!

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