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P. Comp. Final (Update 2)

After presenting my idea last class, I was approached by the sweetest person, Elena, asking to be my partner. We shared some ideas to add on to the "x-ray", and I was very interested in something she brought up, which is adding some smell. Generating some kind of smell would make sense, since we’ll add food to the “x-ray” indicating the user just ate some of their pcomp tools they’re using while working hard on their projects.

On another note, Elena and I had a couple of meetings since we teamed up to build the prototype, user flow, develop the x-ray and agree on the dietary preference and the “food”.

Tomorrow, the 15th of November, we have to present a paper prototype of the project, as well as the user flow.

And for the buttons:

And finally, the user flow:

As Elena and I discussed, we will try out Kinect for motion detection first, that is because we think it’s more accurate, especially if we use as a server and use Kinect 2 on a windows computer and control it using our MacBooks. (it this is gibberish to you future, Dina, then check out the video below.)


For the prototype:

Cardboards x 3 = total of $16.

For the project:

Kinect (used)= $45

Ultrasonic sensor = $10, but already have them

Buttons = designed and created by Elena and I, if not then $12.99


11/16 – 11/22 = get Kinect to accurately track the body movements! | class 11

11/23 – 11/29 = start adding the buttons. Use a projector to capture the whole body. | class 12

30/11 – 12/6 = get the buttons to work + add the "food" to the skeleton +start trying it out | class 13

12/7 – 12/13 = PRESENTATIONSSS!!!

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