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P. Comp. Final (Update 4)

Today’s date: 12/1/19

Due date: 12/13/19

As of now:

My partner and I are waiting for the hula hoops and the shoe soles from amazon. Hopefully they’ll be delivered by Monday. Then we will be going to Home Depot to get the rest of the needed materials to build the “scanning gate”. Elena, my genius partner asked her fabrication instructor, Ben on how to build the gate since we had so many ideas but weren’t sure if they’ll actually work. Ben suggested we use PVC pipes to build the gate and advised us to use 3 poles instead of 2 for stability.

Hula hoops from amazon

shoe soles from amazon

pvc pipes from home depot

Reminder of how the gate will look like:

sketch of gate made of hula hoops and pvc pipes


As for the skeleton part, we’re still working on the coding part. We’ve successfully got Kinect to be connected to p5 via kinectron on a windows computer from the ER (MSI #8). Also, we connected each body part to the right joint. We only need to finalize the code by adding the rotation of the joints so that when the users move, their body parts move smoothly with them.

As for the buttons, we agreed on adding 2 buttons instead of four. And we got the code to work. However, we are now facing one problem which is how to get the item to keep appearing on the screen when the button is not pressed.

Therefore, the plan is to keep trying until we get the code right! Otherwise we’ll just go crazy!

To-do list: (until 12/12/19)

  1. Build the gate

  2. LED circuit for the gate

  3. Finalize the code for the skeleton

  4. Add the serial communication’s code to the same sketch

  5. Move everything to a local host -as advised by the amazing Lisa Jamhoury and some of our awesome colleagues.

look at all this work i haven't done meme


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