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Plot Twist! Tuna is a Girl.

I've created a 3D model using Adobe Fuse, and exported it, then animated it on Mixamo. I downloaded 4 animations; idle, walking, running, and chicken dance.

Then I imported this character on UE4, but felt like it was too easy, and I wanted to explore 3D characters more. Therefore I've decided to add animations and control to my character.

I've never heard of 'Blend_Space_1D' before in my life, and what a waste of life that is. This tool is very impressive, basically blends the animations together to appear smoothly.

I'm now struggling with scaling my character up proportionately to it's animation. I'm still learning all of this awesome engine tech, but I still can't figure out why my scanned self looked weird when it was imported into UE4 🤔. It was imported as a .fbx because I exported the animation from mixamo, but was originally an .obj. Maybe that's why? I will keep on trying to properly import my scanned self on UE4 in the next few days.

Motion is proportional to my character's scale:

Motion is disastrously not proportional to my character's scale:


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