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Project Proposal-ish

Pain Points (Describe at least 3 barriers your historic sites have in common related to your topic that need to be addressed):

- All three museums are not entirely wheelchair accessible and can’t be redecorated accordingly.

- Not enough information on what help is offered to the vision impaired on all of their websites. However, calling them was beneficial.

- The history of all of them is in how they’re built, so can’t implement accessibility without changing history.

- Lack of accessible bathrooms.

Target Audience (What types of visitors are affected by the pain points? There could be multiple target audiences. Describe the characteristics that make it a pain point for them):

Mainly, people with mobility impairments will face some difficulties getting to higher floors due to the lack of elevators in these historical sites.

Competitive Analysis (Do solutions already exist? Are they practical/affordable? Provide links and summarize here):

Solutions don’t exist to this day, but some can be affordable and implemented right away.

Solution (Provide details and justification as to why this is the best solution):

For example, they can project map the entire museum for the people who can’t get to the higher floor. This is the best solution because it’s easy to implement, won’t cost much and will be a great addition for each museum. Anyone can enjoy watching the higher floors being projected in a ‘black box’ sort of room, not only people with disabilities.

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