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Save the Amazon!

For my third project in this amazing class, I decided to work with a classmate to shoot a 360 video and use a Brahma H2n recorder. On Friday, my partner and I went to the ER ( in case you forgot, future Dina it's the equipment room) to check out the equipments. As T.K recommended, we wanted to use the Ricoh Theta 360 camera, but unfortunately, we couldn't connect it on our phones, which was a bummer. We checked out the GoPro 360 instead, and decided to head out to union square park. We met a native American guy who was inviting people to save the amazon and thought he would be an interesting subject. Everything was according to plan, until everything went wrong. We were missing an SD card, then the GoPro's battery died between takes, then the guy, our subject, had to go on a "weed break", but eventually we managed to record one full amazing minute.

I thought all we had to do was merge the sound from Brahma H2n recorder to the footage from the camera and add some spacious effect, but turns out I had to add some postproduction edits to the sound using reaper, which I will in a second, but until then CLICK HERE for the video. The link will direct you to an abandoned Facebook account I had created only for the purpose of this assignment.


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