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Some Magical AR Apps

I feel like I've done very few AR apps in this class, so I've decided to go big or go home for the final.

I've created a few below, each one has a story that represents something important to me (except for the first one).


I wanted to expand my knowledge of the particle system on Unity, so I thought of creating a silly app about that republican " that stole the show." -USA Today

I thought of using the NBC logo as the target image since NBC hosted town hall with Trump.


My top 5 favorite things in the world are; garlic paste, lemons, mayonnaise, cheese and Arabic calligraphy. So I thought of creating an AR app displaying Arabic calligraphy on trees as I was inspired by this gorgeous post.

Talk about perfect timing!

My friends and I went to Salem, Massachusetts and I found some creepy looking trees there that were perfect for this documentation. I've also explored the tap-to-change feature that's in Unity ARFoundation.


I've always wanted to integrate APIs and create AR data visualization which is harder than I thought. However, after watching countless tutorials, I've managed to create an AR app displaying COVID-19 stats throughout 2020. I've grabbed the data from here, and used .csv.

The MVP!!!!!

For the last one, I've decided to try integrating JSON data this time to an AR idea I've been wanting to create for a while now.

The idea is to get 2 articles from the Op-ed column from nytimes and place them in separate thought bubbles to demonstrate that they're just opinions and add 2 thought bubbles that are censored to demonstrate people’s opinions that don’t reside in the USA where there’s (supposedly) freedom of speech.

I've been fascinated by op-ed columns in newspapers here because I've always thought of them to be another privilege of "freedom of speech" we don't really have in the Arab world.

Don't get me wrong, op-eds exist in our newspapers, but not in all, and they're usually articles that are outside of the newspaper's focus. For example, an op-ed column in a newspaper like Al-Rai would be about technology.

I've managed to create this idea into an AR app (with the help of Rui 🙏🏼), but for some reason I'm currently facing issues grabbing data from an array of "results". I kind of think it's an extra layer of privacy I need to take down, but until now I can't quite get the data I need.

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