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Tings Behind Glass | Midterm Video

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Over the week I had the chance to watch Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution and thought of sharing how it made me feel...

It took 23 days to get one signature to semi-humanize a country. I think it took so long and that was extremely disappointing. While watching Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, I went through different types of crying. I cried out of gratitude, anger, pain, joy and finally pride. I’m so glad that I’m alive in a time where a class like Accessibility and Assistive Technology in Historical Sites and Museums exist to implement ideas that try to make museums enjoyable for as many people as possible no matter what.

I’m grateful for Camp Jened because all it took for those with disabilities to go out there and change the world, was to treat them like you would treat anyone else without feeling pity or showing an excessive amount of concern. Finding out that Camp Jened no longer exists today, broke my heart but made me want to look up similar camps and just raise awareness and point them out to people everywhere; camps that would engage and create a place where everyone can easily fit in, be heard and gain confidence.

God blessed America with Judith Heumann, and I just wish we can see people like her in every country in the world because god knows we need these kinds of people today.

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