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Tuna is Not Tuna Anymore!

I went over the top with this assignment, I’ve decided to create a whole new environment with scenography in mind!

As a filmmaker, I had some type of pressure to come up with a great sequence! (honestly, I just wanted to flex with my filmmaking skills! 😎) Therefore, I’ve decided to create a whole new environment, using World Machine, and it was awesome! I also tried to animate a character I found on Mixamo using RADiCAL, and failed miserably, but☝🏼 found a use of my grotesque-looking character and used it in my scene anyway. I’ve also used some assets from Quixel in my scene to help me create the world I had in mind.

I faced some difficulties creating a skybox. I created a sphere on blender and imported it as a .fbx file on Unreal, but I still need to figure out what to look for in a sky image that would fit and create a sky-looking environment. I ended up using the default skybox that’s in the Engine’s folder.

The original story was “Tuna lives in a flower right next to the curvy roads. In order to find happiness, she has to find her way back to the ocean.” But I was so sick of this tuna character and just ended up doing something with a samurai looking character I found on mixamo. The story can be interpreted differently, just like any artistic piece.

I’ve decided to change the story a bit, so my character is a human now, and in a world where she is annoyed by everything, but still keeps trying to fit in, but eventually gives up and looks at the camera (us) and signs “what am I doing?!”


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