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United on Unity!

I’ve combined 3 weeks’ worth of assignments in this blog since they were mostly tutorials to get our engine started with using Unity.

For the first assignment, we had to follow the infamous roll-a-ball tutorial, AGAIN!

For the second assignment, we had to basically animate an object and a character using this tutorial.

It was kind of a fail! I couldn’t animate the character properly, but that’s ok because I figured it out on my third assignment.

For the third assignment and the most serious one yet, we had to scan our rooms using photogrammetry software like RealityCapture.

The software is very cool; I’ve tried it (evidence above), but unfortunately, I couldn’t export my room as a 3D model due to the fact that I share my room with my brother (who sometimes comes and visits us once a year), and he never gave me his consent. Therefore, I’ve decided to export some 3D models of furniture that looked like the ones I have in my side of the room and created the 3D model myself.

Right now, I'm facing some issues with controlling my character, it moves and transitions seamly between animations, but doesn't change position when she walks 🤔.

My goal for next week is to figure it out and go back to this piece and fix it.

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