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Video Sculpture #3 Idea!!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Hyunseo and I are working together on this project, and finally came up with an idea that fits what we’re going through these days.

We thought of creating a box that looks like a sanitizing box attached to a wall, and when the user places their hands under it, it projects very short videos looping.

The videos, or gifs, will consist of our daily routine that we’re now being deprived of due to the coronavirus.

We still need to discuss the name for this project, we can call it memorizer because it rhymes with sanitizer. Haha idk!


Original work : “DNA Vending machine” - Gabe, and the daily news about the spread of coronavirus.

Useful links:


  • Uploading the videos/gifs onto max and setting the patch to loop one after the other each time it gets data from the Arduino. (binary data!)

  • Arduino will get data from motion/ultrasonic sensor that will be placed under the dispenser, so it gets triggered each time a hand is placed under it.

  • Videos/gifs will be in black and white to add the nostalgic feel to them.


  1. Hugging

  2. Partying - baby showers, weddings, clubbing 

  3. Travelling 

  4. Going to the movies

  5. Taking pictures with the family

  6. Classes in person

  7. Visiting museums/art galleries/art installations/plays

  8. Feeling safe (e.g. going out without masks or taking precautions etc.)

  9. Hangouts

  10. Crowded elevators


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