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Video Sculpture Final!

For our final, Hyunseo and I decided to develop our sanitized dispenser memory box idea and create AR memory pieces. However, after discussing it with Gabe, we decided to get rid of the sanitizer dispenser because it seemed irrelevant in this case.

Initially, we wanted to use unity, but we had many issues and it kept crashing for both of us, so we decided to take on a different route.

We’ve created 3 memories on Spark AR.

Hyunseo, my partner, thought of including an interaction she’s experienced with a friend last year. After a long day, they all went to a bar to party their stress away and her friend started teaching her how to dance.

It was the most interactive and memorable and fun memory that represents a sense of social and interactivity.



For our second piece we decided to recreate how Hyunseo and I met. At first, we had a negative encounter! I ruined her final project by mistake, and she was furious. However, after talking it out, we found that we have so much in common and became friends.


For our third AR piece, I decided to recreate a simple memory I had with my friends before buying a couch, where we sat on a blanket and watched TV all day.


For 2 of our pieces, we chose a colorful TV noise pattern to be our mesh, but since we wanted feedback, we decided to leave one memory out just to see what people would say. It’s safe to say that no one noticed.


  • Characters were made using fuse.

  • We added some interactions to the piece so that when a user taps their screen, it shows them the rest of the story. Snapchat was our inspiration behind this interaction.

For the Future...

For the physical installation, we’re thinking of placing some Polaroids to be the size of small TV sets, like giant Polaroids with a glass shield in front of them that would have hidden sensors. These sensors would be triggered when the user approaches and plays the AR piece. This is a different approach from always playing AR on the user’s phones or downloading some app or scanning some kind of a code.

Also, we would like to create more universal memories that most people have experienced. Maybe running out of toilet paper during this pandemic. 🤔


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