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I really enjoyed going to VOLTA! Creativity was in the air. It’s very hard to only choose three, but if I really really have to, then the following are my top 3:

1- Untitled, by Harding Meyer.

  • Medium: oil on canvas

  • Dimensions: 47 1/4 x 59 in.

  • Cost: $14,850

Gallery is based in Austria called Frey.

The curator told me it’s a good investment because the artist’s paintings are very unique as he only paints 45 paintings a year without any help from anyone.

I thought the different shades of green combined with blue gave the painting a mesmerizing effect; I just couldn’t stop looking at it.

Painting of a dark haired woman

2- Hello Hello, by Ardan Özmenoğlu.

  • Medium: mixed media on post-it notes

  • Dimensions: 63 4/5 x 51 1/5 x 6 7/10 in.

  • Cost: $14,000

Gallery is based in Turkey; Istanbul and it’s called Anna Laudel.

I love that it looks like a 50s ad. It’s vibrant I loved the usage of an old phone. Reminded me of my grandmother’s phone.

Painting called Hello Hello showing a blond woman using a vintage looking phone.

And last but definitely not least, and my ultimate favorite is

3- MATCHSTICKMAN, by Wolfgang Stiller.

  • Medium: wood, polyurethane, paint, mounted on metal plate.

  • Cost: $71,500

Gallery is based Paris and owned by a Lebanese called Mark Hachem, which is also the gallery’s name.

I would love to own this piece, it’s fascinating. I felt like it’s a metaphor for being torn down by society and how it wears you out.

Man size match sticks with faces on top

Themes varied among different exhibitors and galleries. But, I guess most of the paintings were about nature and its issues as, there indeed were lots of portraits of trees. I couldn’t see a political theme, as I’m not very familiar with politics in the West. However, a gallery based in New York called Roya Khadjavi, mainly showcased artwork done by Iranian artists that somehow made me feel as if there was a political message within the work, somewhere. A series of paintings called Dancing around the bed by the Safarani Sisters (video below), made me think that the woman that’s being projected only enjoys her freedom at night when she’s home alone. Opposed to when she goes out and feels oppressed and judged by her society. I spoke with the artists and they talked about the mechanism more than the concept. I kind of didn’t want to ask them what the meaning behind their piece was because I wanted to interpret it by what made sense to me.

Traditionally, paintings are still predominant. However, sculptures and video installations are slowly emerging through as the new medium.


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