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Web Music Arabization

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As a reminder...

So far, I’m kind of ahead of the schedule I set for myself. I have a website that’s up and running, but not exactly. I still need to figure out how to make my p5 sketch make sound!!! And change how it looks a little bit to match my installation idea. I’ve found it weird that my sketch doesn’t have sound when it’s embedded into the experiment page. However, I’ll be meeting with people from the coding lab on Monday, the 20th of April to figure that out.

On the experiment page on the website, you’ll find an open Spotify playlist with a link at the bottom for the user to add their songs. So far, the experiment will work by adding any song of your choice to the playlist, then play it and adjust the beats to your preference on the embedded sketch.

The video that’s currently on the main page of the website is just an animated logo for myself, but I’ll change it with the video of the mockup installation once I receive some missing pieces I’ve ordered.

Style wise, I’m not happy with how the website looks so far, but it’ll have some major changes and polish it up until the final.

By next week, I’ll have:

-The video of the installation ready and embedded to the website.

-Figure out the sound issue on the embedded p5 sketch.


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