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Week 1: Blurred Life

I’m very passionate about being heard and having a voice; God knows how many times I’ve been silenced. It changes you in a way. It motivates you and demotivates you. It sparks up new passions and kills older ones. It’s also hard to explain and put it into words. I won’t mention any tech in this blog as requested, but I’m very interested in people’s behaviors and seeing how they react to different situations/discussion points. Even though it’s kinda wrong to look for a pattern, I always end up trying to find one. I just can’t help it. But, if you know me, this post will make sense. This is basically an explanation of the random things I constantly say. This is how I form a circle and get to know you! We had a discussion about life in simulation in one of my classes. Now, I just hope whoever is controlling me comes thruu with an awesome idea that represents…us?

To sum it all up, let me talk about my last slide since I didn’t get to present it (due to my distorted time perception). On there, I mention some topics that never fail to always intrigue me every time they’re brought up in a conversation:

  • Different religions and cultures of the world!

  • Freedom of speech (and how media tackles the news in each country differently based on how much freedom they have)

  • Assistive technology!!! Especially because there’s a lack of accessible features in so many countries! (Looking at you, Egypt. )

  • Basically politics/cultures/religions/history If you’re reading this please send me recommendations you have of documentaries on any of these topics; I watch them for fun!)

Fun fact, I used to make documentaries before coming to the states. Another fun fact: many of them got banned by the authorities. This is what I meant by being silenced. God bless my parents for always encouraging me to practice my right of speech that is categorized under dangerous ideas back in both of my home countries.


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