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Week 12: For What It's Worth...

my heart is aching a little bit more these days over what’s happening in the world. my thesis topic is very specific and clear. i’m talking about sociopolitical news and how they’re being filtered and beautified before being shared with the world. i, too, thought that there was a spectrum and each country falls on different parts of it. but, the ugly truth is, sociopolitical news is being filtered silenced everywhere, for many different reasons. one of them is to basically market certain political views, but that’s another story.

minorities are being defamed! and some people don’t see us, Arabs, as human beings in the first place. they see us as terrorists all over the world. this is why it might be (for some people) so hard to empathize with what’s happening in Jerusalem. i understand. but know that it’s very painful.

at the end of the day, we’re all human beings just trying to survive and live peacefully.

dina out ✌️

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