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Week 3: Censored Info█████!

I’ve done a lot of research last week because I know this week will be hard (DoTR people will relate!) However, I’ve talked to different people about my idea; each and everyone of them gave me amazing suggestions.

  • What else is out there like it?

  • “Well, there is google!” – My mama.

  • I’ve found some tools that are very useful, to measure the amount of credibility in different articles. I was going to lose it when I found the same idea right there in front of my eyes, very well made and functional. However, it’s only based in the US and it visualizes the attacks journalists had faced while documenting the BLM protests.

  • How is yours different?

  • My idea would basically act like a search engine that shows results from state-run newspapers only, along with a visualization of numeric data of how much “what you searched for” was mentioned in these newspapers. (The numeric data visualization will be an AR piece)

  • How does it improve what exists?

  • It will be inclusive! I want to add as many state-run newspapers from different countries as I could! I want to amplify this issue and give voiceless communities a spotlight for a change. I will be doing that by adding a column on the side highlighting what’s been happening all over the world, and I will be focusing on major hard news, we don’t get to see updates on in major newspapers.

  • What audience is it for?

  • This will be for anyone involved with politics, really, but maybe comparative politics students, as well. This website (or AR app) would give them an idea of how different systems work and how much authority they have over their media outlets. It will also show how these newspapers cover social movements with restrictions. (inspired by Vanessa’s description of comparative politics (Dawn’s friend ) and also inspired by the website I found that visualizes journalists that were under attack for covering the BLM protests).My tool would familiarize the user with the countries they’re reading about without any biases. I also think that it would help some journalists, too. (I still need to think about this in depth). I always have so many questions while reading an article on a national newspaper, and since these articles would be gathered in one place, maybe this will help journalists focus on answering these unanswered questions.

  • What is the world/context/ market that your project lives in?

  • My project shall live and prosper on the world wide web.

  • In your initial research, have you found something you didn’t expect? Is it an interesting path to follow?

  • I have found some amazing tools that would help the reader measure the credibility of the articles they’re reading, which is very interesting. I still need to read more to find an interesting path.

  • What do you need to know about the content/story?

  • I need a pattern to follow and to help me wrap up and complete this tool. I feel like it’s missing something…

  • What do you need from a tech standpoint?

  • I need to learn to love and accept Unity, as I’ll be changing my initial AR idea, and will be building an interactive visualization as an AR app (thankful for Billy’s suggestion )

  • If it’s too much for the time.. Are there any discrete parts of it you could accomplish?

As of right now, I think I need more research to fully put everything together in my head first, then i’ll think about building it step-by-step from my vision.

Useful tools:

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