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Week 8: Stressing Over Not Stressing Out

Fellow ITPers , please vote for a domain name if you haven’t already . I’m planning on buying it in March.

That being said, I’ve been calmly trying to gather resources to help me achieve my three deliverables by mid March (our first milestone).

My to-do list

A descriptive timetable of how I plan to complete 3 deliverables in less than 2 months #lol.

For accessibility purposes

Create gifs of the articlesFeb 11, 2021All ideas should be readyFeb 14, 2021Have the narrative readyFeb 18, 2021Animate the narrativeFeb 20,2021AR should be done!Feb 24, 2021User test ARFeb 26, 2021Start shooting!Feb 28, 2021Start deepfaking!

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