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Writing to Me, About Me

Amongst my friends back home, I’m known for my ability to read people and predict their actions. Since I moved here, I feel like I’ve lost my superpowers. I’ve misread many situations so far; it’s gotten embarrassing. I just can’t help but feel extremely disappointed in myself. I guess it’s because of the differences in cultures. Although it was a cool thing to have, I think it’s best to just live day by day, without overthinking and obsessing over the useless.

I decided to change, and I know I have the will power to do so since, I’ve changed some bad traits I had in the past. I remember Youngmin mentioning that she controls her thoughts and can stop thinking about anything useless instantly, as if it was merely a “touch of a button”. So, I sat with her and she suggested I start journaling which I thought was very fitting because then it would be like I’m talking to my conscious. She mentioned it would help a lot with controlling my thoughts and directing my focus.

Therefore, this is what I did throughout the week. I started journaling! Won’t lie, I don’t feel any difference, but I guess Youngmin was right; it’ll take time. I just have to keep remembering to be patient.

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