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Consciously Controlled

Hello, I'm Dina Khalil, and what you've experienced just now, is my thesis project!

If by a miracle you've landed here before checking out my hypothetical newspaper, then click here, you won't regret it! is an interactive website aiming to raise awareness on the importance of having a free press. My goal is to shed the light on what I like to call one of the global crises that we must keep in mind and join the fight to put a stop to to how governments use the press to conceal their corruptions.

Such a heavy topic can be hard and scary enough to drive some people away from even reading about it. I have also taken into consideration that it can be a bit boring to read about for the people who think this issue doesn’t really affect them. When in fact it affects all of us. So I've decided to design the website in a way that would inform the people without any disturbing content. However, I did link some articles that may be disturbing, for the user to learn more if they choose to do so. and to also back up my points and to show real life tragedies that happened due to suppression.

I was raised in a region that glorifies journalism in the West, but after a thorough research, this thought was shattered.

There might be a difference between the amount of freedom my region has compared to the West, but regardless, we all go through the same silencing, but with different techniques.


There's a visible increase in silencing worldwide. Sadly, journalists are being attacked every day and everywhere for simply doing their job.

I'm a journalist by degree, and unfortunately, I couldn't practice journalism back home due to the number of restrictions over simply reporting the news. 

I'm planning on doing my best to further develop this project even long after I graduate. ​

My ultimate goal is to inform as many people as possible of this problem. Sadly, I’m sure this issue won’t be resolved in my lifetime, but at least I’ve included unbiased facts, and i will soon have some resources that can inspire people out there to take action and make a difference. As we always say in Egypt, “Maybe the next generation can do what we currently can’t.”

Having the ability to touch coding wouldn't be possible without coming to ITP. I've managed to create an experience to tackle a subject that's dear to my heart and scares me at the same time. Especially that now my own country is labeled as "One of the biggest jailers of journalists" by RSF.

I've channeled my passion and anger into and it wouldn't be possible without the help of everyone at ITP. I'll always be trying my best to contribute to this stellar community that I'm proud and grateful to be a part of.

But I have to extra thank the following 🙏🏼:

Mama, Baba, Maya, Haya, and maybe Omar

Luisa Pereira

Mark Skwarek

Nancy Hechinger

Allison Parrish

Justin Hendrix

Shawn Van Every

Dana Elkis

Billy Bennet

Guillermo Monecinos

Sarah Liriano

Yiting Liu

Simone Salvo

Elena Glazkova

Youngmin Choi

Aidan Lincoln

Patrick Warren

Dawn Sinkowski

Nikhil Kumar

Noah Kernis

Ben Moll

Dawn Sinkowski

Sohaila Mosbeh, and many more of my amazing peers!

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏼

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