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Who knows, but they call me Dina Khalil! 🙋🏻‍♀️

This is a face of someone who has a BA in Journalism, but works in tech.


As a journalist-turned-VR/AR developer, I am fueled by a deep passion for storytelling and a desire to push the boundaries of communication. With four years of experience in VR/AR development and a strong foundation in journalism, I offer a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise.

I began my journey by studying Journalism at the American University of Kuwait, where I honed my skills in research, writing, and effectively conveying meaningful narratives. However, I soon realized that I wanted a platform that allowed me more freedom to delve into social issues and express my artistic side. This realization led me to the exciting world of VR/AR technology. My next step was to find master's programs in new media, which led me to find the interactive telecommunications program (ITP) at NYU. I was able to tailor my own major and really focus on AR/VR design and development as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

At Meta, I had the privilege of being part of groundbreaking projects that leveraged the power of virtual and augmented reality to captivate audiences. Working in this dynamic environment, I collaborated with cross-functional teams, using cutting-edge tools like Unity and Meta Spark Studio, to create immersive experiences that blended technology and storytelling seamlessly.

To further enhance my skills, I undertook a UX/UI bootcamp at Columbia, enabling me to understand the importance of user-centric design and develop interactive interfaces that engage and resonate with users on a deeper level.

My diverse background allows me to bridge the gap between technology and social issues, using immersive experiences to shed light on important topics and provoke meaningful conversations. With my dedication to exploring new avenues of storytelling and my commitment to addressing societal concerns, I am excited to contribute my expertise to the ever-evolving field of VR/AR development.

I am driven to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible, utilizing VR/AR technology to create transformative experiences that inspire, inform, and connect people on a profound level.


What I Couldn't Fit in My CV, but in a Timeline

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