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A Mile in Unreal!

As a filmmaker, I had some type of pressure to come up with a great short film! (honestly, I just wanted to flex with my filmmaking skills! 😎) Therefore, I’ve decided to create a whole new environment, using World Machine, and it was awesome! I also tried to animate a character I found on Mixamo using RADiCAL, and failed miserably, but ☝🏼 found a use of my grotesque-looking character and used it in my scene anyway. I’ve also used some assets from Quixel in my scene to help me create the world I had in mind.

While I was placing cameras and having fun with Unreal’s unreal sequencer, I was listening to Mile High and I thought I had created a masterpiece, but then I watched the video again without any sound and thought to myself, someone will find beauty in it, not me, but someone out there!

I faced some difficulties creating a skybox. I created a sphere on blender and imported it as a .fbx file on Unreal, but I still need to figure out what to look for in a sky image that would fit and create a sky-looking environment. I ended up using the default skybox that’s in the Engine’s folder.

I wanted to experiment with sequencer and play with it freely without any concept in mind. I have faced some difficulties with navigating inside of my world, for some reason it gets very slow when I try to move forward or anywhere for that matter. (I almost had to play GTA to calm myself down!)

Keep in mind, I highly recommend watching the video while playing Mile High, I’ll even embed it in this page right before the video. Please play both, the song and the video, at the same time to maybe make any sense of this video.

If it's up to me, I would've put the song in my film, but copyrights lol.

God Bless 🙏🏼

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