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Accessibility Solutions: Artifacts to Reality

Updated: Jun 21

A collaboration between: Antonio Guimaraes, Fabiha Ahmad, Dina Khalil, Myra Khan

The What?

In museums artifacts are being displayed behind glass and they are fully inaccessible to visitors who are visually impaired as the only interaction involves there is sight. We came up with a simple solution. which is to 3D print the artifact to help the visually impaired visitors experience the artifact by feeling it and it’d be placed on a round kiosk to be explored from multiple sides with wheelchair accessibility in mind.

If you look closely, you’ll find a green and a yellow button, these buttons are responsible for playing information about the appearance and the history of the artifact being told from multiple perspectives.

We asked the manager of education at the Louisiana State Museum, Sarah Lowenburg, to provide us with a historical artifact of their own to digitally prototype it. Ms. Lowenburg, along with her team; Karen Leathem, and Cassandra Erb kindly provided us with information along with a picture of a stove from the 17th century. Our 4 perspectives for this stove were told from a docent, a historian, an enslaved cook and a patron.

The How?

Software: Autodesk AutoCAD, Arduino.

Skills: 3D printing.

Time: May, 2020.

Behind the Scenes of the Audio Box:

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