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'Arabize' My Song!

I’ve downloaded Ableton and was terrified by its interface and how complicated it seemed, until I found the video below.

For the user path, I had to try out Ableton with Arduino and some potentiometers. The way to connect an Arduino with Ableton is to download the connection kit, then upload an example called 'StandardFirmata' on the Arduino from its IDE. It’s pretty cool! I've connected 2 potentiometers, and a button. I mapped one of the potentiometers to the tabla’s track volume, and the other to the dry/wet effect. Both worked pretty cool. For the button, I wanted to map it to the solo button to normally play the song without any ‘Arabifications’ added to it, but couldn’t do that, so instead I mapped it to the delay mode, which didn’t make any difference to me.

Some very useful tutorials:


Play-testing the Draft

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