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Assignment #🤷🏻‍♀️

I think I've misunderstood what exactly to do in this assignment, but I've tried my best and gave it a shot anyway!

For next class I'll be getting a headset because it doesn't make sense to be taking a VR class without owning a VR set.

Elena, recommended I follow this tutorial, but unfortunately it didn't work, so I downloaded Igal's project file and played changed it a bit.

I've downloaded a walking character from Mixamo, and imported the same character 3 times, to attach 3 different colored sphere brushes to them.

I plan to redo this assignment on the floor soon, where I'll have access to a headset, until I purchase one.

I was supposed to create a menu somewhere, but still confused as to what is the purpose of this menu exactly, however, I've found a tutorial for it, for when I repeat this assignment on the floor.

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