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Augmenting Memories! | AR App

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

A collaboration between: Dina Khalil, and Hyunseo Lee.

The What:

We’ve created 3 memories on Spark AR!

  • Memory #1

Hyunseo, my partner, thought of including an interaction she’s experienced with a friend last year. After a long day, they all went to a bar to party their stress away and her friend started teaching her how to dance.

It was the most interactive and memorable and fun memory that represents a sense of social and interactivity.


  • Memory #2

For our second piece we decided to recreate how Hyunseo and I met. At first, we had a negative encounter! I ruined her final project by mistake, and she was furious. However, after talking it out, we found that we have so much in common and became friends.

  • Memory #3

For our third AR piece, I decided to recreate a simple memory I had with my friends before buying a couch, where we sat on a blanket and watched TV all day.

The How:

Hyunseo came up with the idea.

I've created 3D characters, documented the scene, animated the characters on Mixamo and added user interactions on SparkAR.

Software: Adobe Fuse, Mixamo, SparkAR, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator.

Skills: Interaction Design .

Time: April, 2020.

The Why:

The main idea is to project some of the human interaction that is prohibited nowadays due to COVID-19. Therefore, I thought of turning this idea into an AR App hence the name “Augmenting Memories”

Videos that are in The What section display some personal, but basic human interactions we had in the past, or pre-covid to be exact.

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