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DeOldifying the 50s

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

For this assignment, I have to choose a model to try on runway, and I just had to go with “DeOldify”. The idea of “DeOldify” is to color black and white pictures. This model blew my mind when we tried it last class. I tried it on an old Egyptian actress picture from the 50s and it “DeOldified” it right away. However, the colors looked washed off in this picture, but overall it was still pretty amazing. So, I thought of trying it out on a bunch of different Egyptian actors from the 50s/60s because I’m obsessed with this era.

What I tried in class

Soad Hosny, an Egyptian Actress from the 50s

Soad Hosny, an Egyptian Actress from the 50s after being colored by runway

It took the model about 2 minutes to run and colored each picture in just a few seconds.

As you can see from the pictures above, the model pretty much did an amazing job. It colored very old pictures without degrading their quality.


I've Also tried another model on Runway called ShapeMatchingGAN. It popped up when I was searching for text, I'm not sure if any text was involved in the outcome, but it adds a cool effect.

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