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ICM | #3

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

This week, we had to work in pairs. Mimi, paired me up with Christina to work on a 'rule-based animation, motion, and interaction' sketch on p5. Christina and I decided to divide the work between us. I chose to work on the input behaviors while Christina works on the output behavior. However, I felt like coding the input behavior was too easy and my partner had to do the actual work, which is not fair. Therefore, I decided to add a text in the center and when you click on it a yellow circle appears and the background changes. Both columns on the sides were made by Christina, once you hover your mouse over them, they change color.

Try it out below!

What I've learned from this assignment is that 1. the shape has to be outside the if function in order for the mousePressed function to work

And 2. the mousePressed function has to be at the very end, even after the closing curly brackets ‘}’

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