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ICM | #6

We had to present our sketches which was terrifying! I came to class ready and had a note on my phone with the full explanation of my sketch using technical words and all:

I created an array of squares and made a class of random moving squares, how they bounce and their appearance on a separate file file. The idea of the sketch is just letting the squares erase everything in a random motion, which I think it’s kind of satisfying to watch. Also I added 2 buttons on the sketch below so you can reset the sketch and rerun the squares to erase everything again and again and the other button is to add color to the background, the colors are random so every time you click on that ‘change background’ button, a different color will appear. Also, as you can see there’s a slider which allows you to adjust the height of the squares altogether.

But only god knows what I actually said that day. Without further ado, here's the sketch


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