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ICM | Final!

Originally, I wanted to create a separate project for ICM, but a bunch of second years just laughed so hard.

When Elena approached me to be partners, I remember telling her that this project is for me to learn and I’m very slow at learning how to code. I didn’t want a partner who is skillful to just code the whole thing in one sitting. Basically, I wanted to set a goal in the shape of a final project to learn as much JavaScript, or p5 as I can.

I won’t get into details of my P. Com. project, but coding shapes about 60% of the whole thing.

Before officially partnering up with Elena, I told her the main purpose of this project is to learn! And I expressed how slowly my brain functions when it comes to coding. Fortunately, her brain functions as slow as mine when it comes to coding as well. However, while working together, I found that she’s a genius! And I’m surprisingly good at wiring stuff on breadboard. It’s fair to say that we’ve learned SO MUCH while doing this project. We can’t help but feel proud each time we pass by our hula hoop gate and any Kinect at this point.

We faced a lot of problems with the rotation of the joints but thank god for Lisa Jamhoury!! Lisa helped us A LOT with this project and was very patient and informative of every step of the way.

Last week, our code looked like this...

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