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MID 🎵 - Midterm

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

After many trial and errors of matching the riqq sound with songs, I've decided to change the beat of the riqq itself. That is because it doesn’t really reflect the sound I have in mind. Also, YouTube alerted me that a video I was trying to upload had copy rights issue, accordingly, I decided to find riqq solo sound that I can use legally. Thanks to Arab Instruments on YouTube, and their permission to reuse their videos, I found the perfect beat that loops perfectly throughout many songs.

I downloaded this video and converted it to .wav file from this website, and opened Ableton to cut and loop the piece I want. Then, I connected my Arduino and mapped a rotary button to the volume of the riqq sound.

Arabic musical instrument called riqq

I've combined both tracks




Since I got my Fezs from Amazon, I've been trying to be very careful with them since I can't replace them in the time being. Originally, I wanted this size (pictures below) for the midterm, and get bigger ones for the final. However, given the circumstances, I think I'll stick with this scale and use cardboards instead of laser cutting acrylic boxes.

To-do list

  • Map different rotaries to the tempo and volume of the Arabic beat.

  • Add another Arabic instrument.

  • Build a tiny acrylic case; the size of a breadboard so it can contains it. (If I can from home 😔)


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